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Activities for Seniors with Dementia in Denver

Activities for Seniors with Dementia in Denver - Activities for Seniors with Dementia in Denver

May 22nd, 2021

Dementia affects a person’s thinking and daily life. Typically, doctors classify it as a group of conditions that starts with two or more impairments, such as judgment and memory loss. Forgetfulness is one of the key “symptoms” of Dementia for seniors. For those living in Denver, there are a handful of activities you can do to help make daily life easier as you deal with Dementia.

What Types of Activities Are Right for Seniors with Dementia?

The biggest goal of seniors with Dementia is to keep their brains active so as symptoms worsen they can still function as independently as possible.

The focus for Dementia patients is on “quick activities.” Quick activities are things they can do quickly, such as household chores, memory-based card games, singing songs, or even short walks. These activities at home give them clarity and focus for a short time. Show them they can do them and help keep the brain active.

Activities for Seniors with Dementia in Denver

Short Walks

Denver is a beautiful city filled with parks, gardens, and more. Choose a few spots around town early in the morning when it’s the least crowded and enjoy a stroll. Stay away from more crowded places like Wash Park and City Park no matter the time of the day. Look for local parks, a quick walk from a Dementia patient’s home.

Smaller Sporting Events

While a Rockies or Broncos game might be too much for a Dementia patient, consider cheering on your grandkid’s sporting games on a smaller scale on the weekends. You and your loved ones can sit a little bit away from the bleachers but still cheer on the team.

Go Out on the Town

If you’re feeling up to it, treat yourself to lunch or dinner. Choose a spot where you can have an isolated table away from the humdrum of the restaurant and go with someone you trust. They can keep an eye on you and make sure you enjoy your meal without getting distracted by the business. If you go during off-hours, you’ll find fewer people and a quieter situation.

Keep in mind that activities outdoors should be short, avoid distractions and over-stimulation, and focus on enjoyment. Suppose you are outdoors and suddenly finding yourself surrounded by too many stimuli. In that case, a Dementia patient may not be able to focus and lose sight of what they’re doing – this could lead to a setback in that day’s outdoor excursion.

How to Find Activities for Seniors with Dementia

In Denver, you can check out the Colorado chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association for local events, meet-ups, and other resources for dealing with Dementia.

Look for events on community boards, Nextdoor, and even in the newspaper that would make for good outings. While there aren’t specific activities in Denver for seniors with Dementia, you can turn any event into one with the proper planning.

Montage Hills Offers Memory Care Options for Those Who Need It

We understand that every person is different. Dementia can progress slowly; it can move quickly. No matter where you’re at with dealing with Dementia as a senior, Montage Hills can help. Our memory care options at our Denver facility will make your life a little easier. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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